Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Apparel Viet Nam


Apparel is one of the three requirements of physical life (food, accommodation, clothing). It is the earliest cultural product of human society. Costumes were also changed over the course of historical development. Two prominent feature in traditional dress of Vietnam woman's robe and conical hat.
Feudalism, women's costumes: black skirt, white overalls, shirt four-, chit head scarf raven beak, flower waist management. Tuxedo shirt three, the outer tunic of the intensive four-or brown-schools, followed by chicken fat and shirt in the same color as the shirt lotus. When worn, all three of the shirt only buttoned side, the flip from chest to neck to reveal three diagonal color shirt. Inside is the warmest bibs. Starter hat looks very charming and discreet.

To date, the traditional costumes of the Vietnamese people have changed. Suit replace the traditional outfit of men. Women's tunic increasingly improved and more complete as it is today, on the other hand due to the requirements of labor, work, women do not always wear long sleeves but also the solemn day, happy day they have a chance ... to "express themselves".

For many other ethnic groups in Vietnam, traditional costumes are also distinctions gradually lost and replaced by readymade garments, and useful, cheap and many other advantages of the present life for the themselves and their families.

10 scenic Ha Tien attracted tourists t

10 scenic Ha Tien attracted tourists 

Ha Tien has long been known as home to many beautiful landscapes, charming young captivates visitors.

Is a small town located in the northwestern province of Kien Giang, Ha Tien is the last piece of Vietnam land adjacent to the Gulf of Thailand, with a coastline of about 22km, and has long been known as home to many beautiful landscapes, charming young captivates visitors.

Thach Dong

Thach Dong, also called the Villages of Van Thach (cave swallows clouds) is a blue giant boulder 80 meters high located between the barren tracts of land. Standing in the middle of the mountain, you can panoramic panoramic Ha Tien town dreaming miniature, see the hamlet of Cambodia along the border hidden foothills.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Spicy Noodles

Spicy Noodles 

The name of the dish makes for curious newcomers heard. However, while enjoying this dish you will understand why food has such a strange name. This stems from the noodle soups are cooked spicy food causes people to enjoy the broth.

Spicy broth with shredded tongue is the charm of this popular noodle dish ..

The soup with noodles simply a very special, close to fiber bread soup, fried sliced ​​thin trees, peeled shrimp and put a little pounding, mince and add a little water. Slightly turbid broth and spicy, the so-spicy bowl of noodles in attracting new business. When cooked, the seller said on many chili and pepper, spicy broth while maintaining sweetness of the broth.

Unlike other noodles, spicy beef noodle soup is not served with any vegetables yet. Steaming bowl of spicy noodles, colorful eye-catching looks, it's white noodles, red shrimp, green onion ... delicious spicy noodle soup especially in the rainy day, in the air se chilly.

Strange mouth with noodles Saigon

Strange mouth with noodles Saigon 

Spicy vermicelli, noodles or vermicelli num butchering cattle food packaging is attractive, offers diners delicious taste and mouth feel strange to enjoy.

Bun butchering cow num

Located in the Cambodian market on Le Hong Phong (District 10), consistent butchering beef noodle num here attracts many customers in the morning. Derived from Cambodia, butchering cattle num is the name of a famous fish noodles of people originating temples. The soup with characteristic yellow color of the technology, the interior is dotted green string beans, purple lilies highlight slices of white catfish, the broth fragrant flavor.

Skillfully blending in with other ingredients made ​​delicious dishes with distinctive flavors.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The eel dishes Nghe

The eel dishes Nghe

The eel dishes Nghe
Eel porridge with natural sweetness and attractive. Photo: Huan Phan

Eel is one of the most famous and delicious specialties in Nghe An attractive. No wonder that this delicious dish appeared in many parts of the S-shaped strip of land, and of course with the exception of Kon Tum. Fascination with diners Nghe eel dishes can be found in Kon Tum soup, eel and eel porridge. Although no fish dishes as diverse in its homeland, but evidence is enough to satisfy customers.

Porridge in Kon Tum eel Nghe still full enough as traditional flavors, such as the fat of the peace at the same eel hot pot of soup and spicy chili. Or as eel soup with eye-catching colors of art from gold, green onion, the smell of new ships and tasted fishy smell not. Hung Truong Chinh and the two paths that visitors can enjoy this unique delicacies.

Sticky chicken hearts

Sticky chicken hearts

A plate of chicken primordial heart away enough to fill the stomach boiling up your. With a street price of around 35,000, sticky chicken heart occupies not a small place for those who have soul food.
Sticky chicken hearts
Sticky chicken hearts sometimes immature eggs can be eaten with fried chicken skin.

Sticky plastic taste, for much chicken, chicken hearts and tasty onion. At the heart of chicken eggs away small shop, you also can enjoy dishes such as chicken thighs ro-ti, ti-checkered chicken gizzard and many other fascinating items.

sparkling puller

Sparkling Dumpling dish which is popular in Chinese cuisine, but Saigon has long been the favorite this item. The most famous sparkling Zone puller in Saigon to talk to Ha Ton Quyen Street, District 5, when many shops selling sparkling puller located next to each other and always crowded with visitors.
sparkling puller
The selling point is usually a good puller effervescent very crowded so if you call in the evening it may take 15-20 minutes to enjoy this bowl of sparkling puller.

Fill with sparkling puller's shrimp, pigskin, squid and fish were brought members always hot. Below there are a lot of broccoli. Determinants of this dish lies in sweet broth, seasoned just right. Prices usually effervescent puller from 30,000 to about 40,000 and often effervescent puller for Sparkling Mixed puller.